CPO Food Box Giveaways

The UCLA Community Programs Office (CPO) Food Box Giveaway Program distributes 1,000 boxes of food to students during the Thanksgiving and winter holiday breaks.

Turkey Day Food Box Giveaway

Each box contains food to prepare a Turkey dinner for up to 9 people.

Winter Holiday Box Giveaway

Set-up as a supermarket style giveaway—students fill their boxes with protein, produce, dairy, and other items before the holiday break.

CPO Food Closet

The UCLA Community Programs Office (CPO) Food Closet, the campus’ anonymous, food pantry, provides students with food and other basic necessities.

Food Closet

Hours of Operation

M-F; 9:00 AM-4:00 PM* hours adjust during Finals Week and during campus closures.

CPO Grocery Bundle Program

The UCLA Community Programs Office (CPO) Grocery Bundle Program provides students weekly grocery packages during Weeks 3-10, each academic quarter. Students must complete an application and submit required materials to participate in the program.

Grocery Bundle Program